I Don’t Know

January 15, 2017 Leave a comment

I find that I like conceptual ideas, or theory, yet there is a world of difference in me practicing it. Recently I’ve been struggling with my inquiry of how my actions have an effect on others, for better or worse. I’m human with a range of emotions, sometimes expressed “publicly” & sometimes not. I want to be a good member of society & my community, so I try my best, yet at the times I embrace lower feeling emotions (a part of the human experience as well) I don’t know whether to eat the emotions, or use an emotional filter. Anyway, I do believe in God’s grace & mercy, unconditional love & understanding. So, as the late hip-hop artist Tupac said, “Only God can Judge Me”. Take good care & enjoy your day if you so choose.

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It’s Outta my Hands

January 10, 2017 Leave a comment

It’s about that time, so I’ll write in the abstract, to relay a message, yet not say it point blank. Slight mania, yet focused into expression. Channel the energy where I want it to go. Possibly, feeling worthy & good, you decide? Loyalty to what is above, the outward expansion, & a natural cycle. It’s time to come up & courageously commit to the one. Zero resistance & holding it down for a while. Gravity & caffeine; Love & intention. Beats & rhythms, decisions for precision, now with them, & from now to then, I can realize ten, ways to daze, amaze, & portray a craze. Once upon a time, she was within space & time. Within arms distance, for instance, yet will I risk this. How could I not? There isn’t a doubt, knowing nothing about, the route, only the destination. Only a fraction, diamonds & action. Well done please, as if you didn’t know, so slow, seductive, with a reproductive. Systematic & methodical, very good at it, all in all.

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Apologies Necessary?

January 5, 2017 Leave a comment

Hmm, I feel scared for some reason. Maybe its more like nervous. Like I’ve done something wrong. I could go on with the Shakespeare quote from Hamlet. “There is no right or wrong, only thinking it makes it so.” Anyway, I guess if I just go around the world saying sorry to everyone I meet, it may be a bit extreme. Yea, sure, I have ways I want things to be in my life, yet to say that its not perfect leads to an apology? I would hope I’m the type of person that has good intentions. But, yea, the road to hell is paved with good intent. Who made up that dumb saying anyway? I’ll be careful what I wish for, because it might just come true. Reality? Waking up to know I’m dreaming? Hide & Seek? the Present Moment is blah, blah, & blah.

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Dormant Forces

January 4, 2017 Leave a comment

This blending has changed, within the middle of the merging. Allowing all aspects of Life to be integrated. As for now, play with the creating in a world of dreams. The experiences arrive, but cannot be grasped, just like the smoke from my cigarette. Listen. Hear the voice within. The message that guides when we get out of our own way. Loving this process, attending to the details, & having patience for the universal timing of action. Feel. Most often the undiscovered territory of the heart is not explored. Intellectual cultural customs is good for categorizing & organizing, but not the allowing of the non-physical to take the wheel, to travel in the expanding direction we really want. Acknowledge the infinite & how it cannot be divided. As for now, these are dormant forces.

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I Trust You

January 3, 2017 Leave a comment

Paranoia is irrelevant when trust is desired in life. I can take full responsibility for who I am, the words I say, the actions I take, & all that I engage in with life. I could ask where is the line, yet a more accurate question might be, “Is there a line?” Inter-exchanged energy, empowering myself or others, is any of that real? Equality, balance, & when in doubt a paradox to nicely wrap up the confusion in a mystery that finds a common ground. Peace making, only is needed when conflict is “noticed”, so maybe ignorance is bliss. Besides looking for something to be upset or triggered by. I really don’t want to mention the idea of a game. If it is a game, there are no winners or losers. The experience of living life is the reward for all. To just have life, or even better, to just be life, is an indescribably good thing. So, to recognize when I need some grounding, during the times of unexpected or even induced stimulus, I can look for a familiar & comfortably source to relax back into.

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A Loss for Words

January 2, 2017 Leave a comment

These words, reflective wall, as we can concur what we saw. Worth a try, lost void, non-existent but not destroyed. Living on, to acknowledge the love, continually born, where there is no below or above. Careful, the stage is always here, & no chance to disappear. Until I can know, what my consciousness shows. Chemical reactions, brain malfunction, 5 senses, to sift through a decision of dark matter. Holding it all together, the paradigm can change. New start, blank page, tear it all down, & rearrange. The glass of water was full, it was inevitable. Breaking free, for me, desires of the destiny. Home, where I know thy self, riding waves, until washing up on the beach, reach, teach, learn, discern, or just show my concern. Are you around? Sounds from the ground, underneath my feet. The crackling of broken twigs set, the lit cigarette. Smoke signals communicate the excuse, but rather real in my thinking.

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January 1, 2017 Leave a comment

Patterns; Day to Day; Balance; Shade; Light; Sun & Stars; Chemistry… Neutral Perception; Lens of Correction… to begin, rhythm & beat as a hymn, divine trance, molecular integrating dance, expansive to contract, react, yet in love, loss of all known connections, to inspire reflections, wants or needs, life proceeds, here & now, form changing & rearranging, sometimes with a sudden jolt, bolt of lightning within the spine, reception of the nervous system, brain function, & all out combustion, explosive for only a moment, & 30 minutes later I pretend it didn’t matter, yet it did, commit to personal exploration to find the same in you, illusion of course, for no harm was meant, to prevent sin, if to say being human, consuming, & feeling what all life knows, how it grows.